This book of lamentations for America is a prophetic description of our nation’s spiritual decline, the deterioration of the Church, the Father’s call for repentance and returning to Christ.  Each of the 10 Lamentation reveals America’s true spiritual condition before Almighty God.  As you read and pray, I trust your spirit will long for the prophetic voice of the Lord’s Church to emerge once again in our nation, and spiritual awakening to occur.  May the Lord stir you to intercede for our beloved and wayward America, it’s leaders, the backslidden Church, and the Lord’s remnant people in the land.

This book of lamentations for America was written in 1993 after 14 days of prayer and fasting, and has remained unpublished until now.  Perhaps for such a time as this.

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“Lamentations For America” by Apostle Randy D. Rice


Ezekiel 19:1 “Moreover, take up a lamentation…”