slide_welcome_randyDear Friends and Members of LifeChurch,
The following prophetic words and visions are from individuals who are well grounded and faithful people in the body of Christ either at LifeChurch or some church and ministry in good standing with our fellowship Cincinnati. My goal in posting these prophetic words are to help us all pray according to God’s written word, the Bible but also His prophetic word for our church. The gift of the “Prophet” is one of the 5-fold Ministry gifts given by the Lord Jesus to the Church, according Ephesians 4:11-16. Also, the Apostle Paul said, “You can all prophesy…” (1 Corinthians 14:31) when he wrote to the Church encouraging them to continue to operate in the gifts of Spirit. Even though all of us can prophesy, not all of us are called to be “Prophets”. These “prophetic words” are given by God through those who may or may not be “Prophets” according to Ephesians chapter four. Nevertheless, the words posted below are very important in the plan of God, we His people, and me as a Pastor in this city.  All of us have the joy of reading and praying for God’s fulfillment of these powerful prophetic words for our fellowship. May God bring to pass the great things He has shown us through these words.

God Bless You!
Pastor Randy


Prophecy for LCWC on 5/20/15

I was in prayer this afternoon and then I saw the following happening at LifeChurch West Chester.

We were all in worship and suddenly the Lord Jesus appeared in our midst.  He started moving among the people and touching them while the worship continued.  I saw Him touch people in the congregation including Pastor Randy, and many others including my husband.  Then, a golden throne appeared on the platform where Jesus went and sat down.  The moment He sat down, the dynamics of the worship changed and people, lots of them stared lying face down on the floor toward Jesus.  It was amazing what was happening.  All of a sudden at the back of the Sanctuary I saw angels in groups of three descending, hand-in-hand and in a straight line slow and reverently.  The next thing I saw was people rushing into the church saying that they heard sounds coming from they were there to see what was happening.  It was a wonderful sight.  The worship songs were different than what we have heard to now.

Evelyn B

Prophecy for LCWC on 12/2/13

We were in a very large meeting place.  It looked like a church, was covered overhead and had pews…but part of of was also open air.  I was sitting in the back and you came up to me with a bag/briefcase (I assume your message and materials).  I do not know if this was a church and I was a pastor or a if it was a special meeting, but I had invited you to come speak.  I am not sure what city were in at the time.  None of these things really mattered I guess…

We were both real excited and hugged and I asked if your message was ready.  You said, “Yes.”  Then I noticed you look around at the 500 or so scattered throughout this mostly empty, large auditorium.  I leaned over to the minister sitting next to me, “Should I tell him that his entire message will change in 30 seconds when the meeting starts?!”  I looked over to say something to that effect and you looked back and talked first, “I have a message ready, I think I will preach it exactly the way I prepared it!”  I started to laugh and you were questioning??  What was so funny? Well, you had heard from God after all!

Then I woke and the rest was an open vision.  I have never had one before.
It was just like a dream only I knew I was awake!  I saw and heard a scene unfold, just like a dream.  It continued exactly where the dream left off…

Right when we took our seats and the meeting was about to begin there was a big commotion.  It began off to one side of the auditorium (remember you could see outside and part of it was open air)…and people began to run together and grab for the best seats.  It was almost like somebody had fired a starter pistol at an Olympic sprint.  Hundreds and then thousands of people pressed in, I saw them just like ‘huddles’ of people pressing in and running, yet nobody was trampled or hurt.  Off to the other side of the auditorium I saw a stream of many security or police officers run in to try to help keep things in order.  They were all in white uniforms.  They had run in together as if they had been expecting and just needed to see where they were needed the most in the large building.

Before the meeting began, it had begun!  I saw crippled and sick people, with crutches and other things to indicate they needed healing.  They would line up and believers started to pray for them.  It was like all they had to do was get ‘onto the property’ and be receive prayer…healing was instantaneous and hands and shouts of praise to Jesus both shot into the air.  It was incredible and the first chord or note of the first praise song had not yet even begun!

That was all.  But it was also enough!

David Hill, Jr. – U.S. Missionary

Prophecy for LCWC on 3/3/2013 by Abner Suarez

Eight is the number of new beginnings and the Lord says it’s the year of new beginnings for this house.  Though you have plowed the ground and you have toiled and labored in the purposes of the Lord, it is a new beginning and a new day.  And I am speeding up time and the purposes of God for this house.  For the Lord would say to you even Pastor Randy, that you’ve been faithful and you’ve stewarded even what I put in your hand.  And the Lord would say you’ve been faithful with the little but I’m going to release to you a great increase.

Millions of dollars will begin to flow through the house of this ministry and you’ve been faithful to gather faithful to release but I’m increasing the sphere of influence I’m increasing even the grace upon your life I’m increasing your ability to even operate and increase in fruitfulness the Lord would give you even a word of wisdom and a word of caution as you enter into the next season, the mornings belong to me.  For even as your platform increases, there will be calls for insight and understanding and meet with this person and meet with that person, but I say to you if you will keep the most important thing priority I am going to give you fruitfulness that you have not known and fruitfulness beyond your years.  And you have served many years in the house of another and the Lord would say that has come up before heaven.  And I say to you as you have served another I will begin to bring men and women to serve you in a unique way.  And even as I put things upon your heart you will go “I believe the Lord is calling us to do this and calling us to do that, the Lord is going to say I’m going to bring people that say “the Lord has put this on my heart” or Pastor, “whatever the Lord has put on your heart, I will begin to serve that which I’ve called you to do.  For the influence and grace on this house has not even touched the surface of what I’m about to do.

For I’m going to begin to open the airways over the heavens over this house and I’m going to begin to move and operate and do things I’ve never done in your midst.  You will begin to look back even upon the first 7 years and say wasn’t  that wonderful what the Lord did but t doesn’t compare to what I’m about to do.  And even as I wrote in and through my servant in the book of Corinthians that I would take my people from glory to glory the Lord says it is a new invitation today to go to a greater place of glory, a greater place of understanding, a greater place of fruitfulness, for there is yet land to be taken in this house, land to conquer, land to go ahead into the promised land, but I even give you a warning today, don’t say we are too small to conquer this land, but I say, you are well able to go up and conquer that which you have not know,  for there is territory that is yours, even  territory, the Lord would say, even 40 and 50 years I wanted to give to certain people in the body of Christ, but because of circumstances or because of situations they were not to take but I say I am even releasing to you grace to what others could not steward, because I have found you faithful and I’m extending your tent pegs, I’m extending your faith to stretch out and do the impossible, so I say to you it is a key season of new beginnings, it’s a new day for a new way.

And some will come to you and say you are such a small group, how have you had an influence like this, and you’ll say we have stewarded that which the Lord has given us and we’ve been careful to obey that which he has spoken to us.  For I desire not to do just signs and wonders in your midst, I desire to make you a people a sign that makes people wonder.  And there’s a new release of grace, a new release of sounds of the Lord to be released over this house, for even as a new season enters there’s a new sound and there will be a new sound that needs to be released from this house.  And there will need to be a new sound released from this house.  And though you have touched the region, the Lord would say, I want to extend your tent pegs to be an apostolic people that begin to touch nations, a sending place, in and out, in and out, sending people to the nations of the Earth.

Sometimes when I walk in a room things are really pointed out to me and these banners this morning began to really be pointed out to me, the banners are actually prophesying.  This is a place of love; this is a place where the people of God are supposed to come in, where the downtrodden are supposed to come in and where people have recognition of identity in the Father’s love.  The Lord would say if you will go after the lost, if you will go after the hurting I will bring them in and I will begin to create a place of identity for them.  I will begin to break the generation spirits and curses of poverty that have been over many, even addictions the Lord would say, even broken families, if you will love those, who they say, cannot be loved.  And I want to increase the sphere of authority upon this house in the area of humanitarian ministries.  I want you to be a place, I see a door open for unwed mothers, I see a door open for young ladies considering abortion, the Lord says, I want to increase even your humanitarian influence in this region. A home for the hurting.

The lord would say if you open and extend your hearts in a way you have not, to those who are hurting those who have not had a home, those who have been rejected by a religious system, the Lord would say I will begin to give you influence with key people, I will give you influence with even millionaires the Lord would send.  A place of love, a place of identity, a place where mercy triumphs over judgment.

It’s a place of gathering.   For there is a dimension of the apostolic grace upon this house that begins to gather.  I saw a picture during worship and it was like on that light that I came in every time and I saw it backed up with traffic for people trying to get in this house.  There is a gathering grace that you have yet to even tap into there’s a gathering grace from the north, the south, the east and the west that people will begin to come because of what’s taking place in this house.  For some have said you have a unique grace a unique DNA of what you’re doing here.  And the Lord would say you will begin to build what I’ve intended you to build.  You cannot build like another, but you must build what I’ve intended you to build.  There are people; this is supposed to be a family gathering place, where you would be like one family.   The Lord would say there are many even who love my name, even many who are called by my name who have yet to find a place where they feel comfortable, where they feel they can connect, where they feel they can express themselves and I say so it is important to you to build the way you are to build so these people will find a place where they can connect.

A gathering place, a gathering place for the Nations.  The Lord would say I desire for you to contend for every race creed and color to come into this house.  Asians, Indians, Muslims to come and to gather in this house under the banner of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  And the Lord says he’s unlocking a new river from Heaven even for this house today.  A new river and grace to move in what he’s called you to move in.  A gathering place, a sending place.  A sending place to the nations.  Apostolic teams going to South America.  Some will go short term, some will go long term, and begin to plant and establish and build.  Asia, Africa, Europe, for there is an untapped well in Europe that I’ve desire you to tap into that is part of your inheritance.  England, Switzerland, Sweden is part of your inheritance.  And the Lord would say there are some, who are even called to those nations, and they have been like a square peg in a round hole and they haven’t found a grace for someone who would send them.  And you will be a womb who will send them and further them in their destiny.  And I am releasing a key even this morning the Lord would say a key is in your serving to me, your primary service is unto me, and as you serve unto me I will move and operate in your hearts so that you can serve others.  If you will be a service to this community, the Lord would say, I will give you what you have not dreamed.  And some would ask what is required of me, and the Lord would say I require all of you.  All of me and all of you for the benefit of my great name.

This will be a giving house.  Giving of not just resources but giving of yourself.  For this is an hour and season of unusual revelation, unusual understanding of my ways unusual understanding of seeing from my perspective.  And when you begin to see from my perspective, you see no limitations.  You see the ability for my hand to intervene in impossible situations.  So I am shifting the perspective of my people even today in this house.  The Lord would say I’m even shifting what you even thought was business as usual in this house.  And you would say, this is the path that we are on.  And I would say to you it is that path but it will have windings and turns that you have not even planned for.  For I want to release a generational blessing over this house one that touches not only old but young and the middle aged and even the youngest among you.  A generational grace that transfers power and glory from one generation to another.  A generational understanding of the Kingdom of God.  That young people know how to move and operate and think like heaven in every area.  My desire is that the youngest among you will speak the word of the Lord and speak the ways of heaven and decree the purposes of the Lord.

For there is even something about the land that you’re on and the region that you’re in.  There have been previous moves of God and previous visitations that have touched this land but I never desired it to be just a small visitation or a just a part of history, but I desire for a habitation people, a habitation, a generational, a transferable thing among people.  What is the key for transferring grace, anointing and a move of God from one generation to another, the key is my voice, the key is listening to my voice, and the key is identifying with the identity that I have made you in Jesus Christ.  And there is grace to build for the generations.  There is grace to build and to release a sustaining architectural picture for generations to come.

I desire the government of heaven to be in your midst.  For I desire to fill the place that I build.  Fill it with impossible things, fill it with exceedingly and abundantly what you could ask or think.

For I want to release you like a bulldozer destroying the works of the enemy, even destroying things that have stood in opposition for  the people of God in this region for many years.  Destroying judgments, destroying cultural biases that have held a breaking forth of my glory in this region, destroying misconceptions and even misrepresentations of my Name.  A bulldozer that plows away everything that is not from heaven.

That is why you have seen so much favor and so much grace upon that which you are doing because you have been a people who’ve obeyed my voice and followed my purposes even at the expense of reputation.  But I say it’s just the beginning, I desire to open up a new book in the history of what you’re doing here.  For I want to write history with you and rewrite the purposes of God for this region.  For many have said this is a state, a place, a region that is dead.  And that religion runs rampant.  But I say to you I have no place in the Earth where I’m held back when I have a people that agree with my purposes.  There is no people and no region to difficult for me to come.  If I find one or two I can establish great great purposes.  And I’m extending a rope to many of you, it’s a rope into an impossible place that you will swing tree to tree and do impossible things.  I will begin to even challenge many of you to be extended beyond the place you’ve ever thought possible to what you’ve never done before.  So now there’s an invitation today to enter into an unknown territory but it is the land that I have promised you.  It is the land of promise and it is a land of fruitfulness.  Thank you Lord!


APRIL 10, 2012 WORD

During this service, Pastor Randy called the 3 men to the platform who will be new associate pastors. We’ve(LifeChurch) had two associate pastors that have recently gone on from LCWC to establish new churches (lampstands) as satellites of LCWC. As all was being spoken, I was struck by the numbers aspect of naming the 3 new associates all at once where before it was one associate at a time that we knew was being prepared to launch his own new church. What I discerned was that God was taking LCWC to a higher dimension of the apostolic mantle that has been on Randy to mentor pastors and the mandate to establish new churches. I felt that by the sheer math of it all, God had moved LCWC to a new gear in the spirit. Because Randy has been faithful and obedient under the apostolic mantle to mentor and commission new pastors and to seek God for direction and anointing, God is bringing him and LCWC into a new, more powerful season of the apostolic anointing. This season will be one of increased spiritual intensity that will impact all the ministries of LCWC in which we’ll see a greater Presence of God and more souls coming to the kingdom. When I looked at the math further, it was powerful to see that in the short length of time since LCWC began, there have been two new churches planted. The great number of churches can’t claim that they’ve ever planted even one new church. But LCWC in its first seven years has planted 2 – amazing! We know it’s because Pastor Randy/LCWC have been called for this ministry so God is engineering & blessing this by His power. So one church PLUS one church equals two churches so far. But what I discerned on April 10 was that God was not going to operate in this one dimensional way for future church plantings and every other spiritual mission of LCWC. So recently with the naming of three new associates together with the word to Randy to raise up 1,000 intercessors is evidence that God is doing something different – something incremental. So instead of the “1+1=2” kind of math (kind of one dimensional but the place God began), I believe God is working incrementally in new dimensions of growth which will result in more spiritual intensity and much more fruit. So building on the foundation of two new churches and considering the possibilities of 3 new associate pastors all with the same apostolic anointing, it would operate more dynamically as pastors who have launched from LCWC begin their plantings. Pastor Randy has said on more than one occasion that the churches launched from LCWC have the DNA of LCWC. This is hard for me to express. I’m trying to convey the concept of moving forward with not just LCWC itself planting new churches, but that all the pastors who have (or will be) launched from LCWC also will plant new churches as God leads. Remember the old shampoo commercial where it begins with one person telling about this great shampoo……then it says she’ll tell two people and those two will tell two people “and so on and so on” and the whole screen fills up with the multiplied faces of people who have gotten the word about this great new shampoo – word spreads rapidly and incrementally because of the number of people being told and the message is then spread. That’s the idea here too….God has begun to work on a different level at LCWC and its plantings and I believe this was made manifest on April 10 when Pastor anointed and commissioned 3 new associate pastors. Then in service yesterday, May 6, after I’d been praying about this 2-3 weeks, all of this seemed to be confirmed in my spirit when Eddie Allen got up to give his testimony about the men’s ministry (& he’s one of the 3 new associate pastors). He was on the verge of tears and was greatly moved by what God is doing in and through Him for the men’s ministry. Then Pastor Randy told us all about the launch of the new multi-media ministry which was all about new dimensions of growth and a greater reach for souls as people will be able to see what the Holy Spirit is doing in our services firsthand – that people will be able to discern the Presence of God through their computer screens. He talked about being able to witness creative miracles and hearing testimonies of God’s work in peoples’ lives. As I listened I couldn’t even imagine all that would take place with these new developments, but I’m very excited about it! As I continue to pray about this for what it means to LCWC and also for me personally, I will be expectant to hear more testimonies of what’s happening in our people and other ministries of our church that will further demonstrate to all of us that God is doing something very differently among us than He’s done before. As I was writing this on April 10, the Lord brought to mind the picture of the fragrant anointing oil that was a symbol of God’s blessing on the holy office of the priests (Ex. 30:22-33). God instructed Moses how to create the anointing oil, saying that he should consecrate the priests so they would be holy, also saying that this oil was not to be put on any outsider. Psalm 133 compares the blessed unity of the brethren to be like this precious oil that is poured onto Aaron’s head, then runs down on his beard, then onto the edge of his garments. My footnotes say there must’ve been such a large quantity of this oil for it to flow as it did down onto the priest’s garments. I believe that whatever God is doing differently in this season at LCWC, increased blessings & anointing have already begun to flow from Him to us, His priests, and the work of all the ministries, both that exist now and will be created in Him.
Submitted by, Judie S.


February 4th, 2011 — I happened to turn on the news when they were showing the passing of the gavel for the position of the Speaker of the House. The news reporter said, “The new Speaker of the House is Congressman John Boehner from West Chester Township, OH”. As the reporter spoke those words I immediately heard the Lord say, “I have taken this man out of the jurisdiction of West Chester, OH and given him a voice in the seat of government. As in the natural so in the spiritual. This jurisdiction of West Chester, OH has been given a voice in the spiritual realm as a “Speaker of the House.” At the same time I had understanding that what the Lord gives to be declared from this jurisdiction will be released from Heaven as done. I understood that He has given this jurisdiction an appointed authority for this time. When I shared this with some intercessors one mentioned that the speaker of the house was a 2 yr assignment and when he said this I understood that this was a window of time. I did not have any understanding of how long the window of time is. – G. Cornell-Smith


Sunday July 31, 2011 — “When Randy said to stretch out your hands and lets pray for the youth gathered at the altar, I closed my eyes and extended my hands and immediately I saw a “tidal wave” that took up my entire field of view. The water had a banded color tint to it like a rainbow and it was clear and glistening. There was a gold like glow. As I understood what it was, it somehow expanded and I had to understand what it was all over again. This was not a wave of destruction but an outpouring of God released into every area of the church”. – E. Lewis


July 23, 2011 — “I had a dream at 3 am this morning. In the dream we were preparing for a flood that was coming.. and we were to know that it was on its way.. Though this flood is not one of destruction it was one of the flooding of living water of the Holy Spirit’s invasion here on earth. It will take workers for the harvest to prepare for this revivial that we will be seeing very soon thus saith the Lord. Watch for this. ” T.G.


April 29, 2009 — “I saw a pillow burst open and the feathers pouring out. The Lord said, “I am going to do something big for them”. I felt strongly to plead the blood of Jesus over Randy. I heard the Lord say, “Tell Randy, you know the original vision, and you know the voice of God, and you know what to do to follow it”. P. Ward


February 1st, 2008 “People will be drawn here and they will come for the ‘sweetness’. They won’t be frightened of the ‘strength’ but drawn to the ‘sweetness’. The ‘sweetness’ & the fragrance of the Lord will be in this place. There will be strength in this place but also sweetness. For My NAME dwells here. I am the Lion of Judah but I am the Lamb of God. It is My strength that will accomplish all things but it is My ‘goodness’, My fragrance that shall go forth from this place. Have I not said, Taste & see that the Lord is good” ? Many will come to taste & see. To inhale the fragrance of My goodness. Yes my child, My winds shall blow across this place releasing it’s fragrance into the community & to the Nations. As you have prayed so shall it be. It will go forth from here. Carried by my servants into the dark areas of the world. It will penetrate & sweeten the bitter places. Yes child even as I have done before. This is My Word sweetening the bitterness of hearts turned to stone. But they will be refreshed, renewed by My ‘Goodness’. It is to come. Yes even My Gospel, as it is carried abroad even to the ‘high places’, principalities will fall, for My strength & My sweetness shall accomplish it! Go & tell. And you are to pray for this. It is My will.” – H. Nixon


November 2011 – “Seek more of God and you will receive more.  Seek more than just enough to pay off the debt.  Seven million will be presented to you from twelve people and it will start to happen in the 7th month of 2012. Be thankful for what the Lord has provided knowing what is to come will be even greater.” – Harry S. (November 2011)


July 2012 – “There is going to be another building dedication soon and very soon.  Take this to the next level. This project is going to take you to the next level of what God wants to do in Cincinnati.” – Mahesh Chavdah