Cathy-and-Scott-HagemanAt LifeChurch children are very important to us. Cathy Hageman and her husband Scott are wonderful children’s pastors with a heart to impart the love and power of God to the children. Through God’s grace, Cathy and her team of caring leaders are building the lives of children upon the unmovable foundation of Jesus Christ. “LifeKids Children’s Ministry” is a fun place for children to learn and grow through God’s word, God’s love, prayer, and worship. Our children’s leaders are continually praying that each child will grow to know Jesus in such a personal way that in the years to come they will be used by God to do great things for Him. “LifeKids Children’s Ministry” is a place of love and acceptance for every child no matter what age, ethnicity, or background. We have made LifeKids a place that receives children with open arms and the love of Christ.  Caring, compassionate and qualified leaders are waiting for you at LifeKids Children’s Ministry.  If you would like to contact Cathy or learn more about “LifeKids”, please send your email message to


  • Nursery: Toddlers and Twos
  • Preschoolers: 3-5 year olds, Preschool Room
  • LifeKids: K-4th Grade, Children’s Chapel
  • Ignite: 5th-6th Grade, Backstage Room #2


Sunlight Kids

In our nursery, we use the Sunlight Kids Curriculumn which intentionally teaching Bible truths to young children. Developed by early childhood experts, Sunlight Kids uses a proven approach our babies understand.


We use Faithweaver curriculmn for the remainder of our classes.  All classes teach on the same topic each week, but with teaching styles that are age appropriate.  Faithweaver systematically explores the entire bible once every three years.  It engages children through proven, Jesus-style teaching methods.  We also send home “Family Connect” pages every week, to empower family conversations at home.  The three age groups gather in the Children’s Chapel at the beginning of service and again at the end for dismissal.  We worship together, then at specific points during the service, we break out into various rooms for age appropriate teaching.  Additionally, our 6th Graders have the opportunity the first Sunday of each month, to join with the Jr. High Students in the Youth Sanctuary.  This helps them in the transition to Infusion Youth Ministry at the end of the school year.

Our Goals for Children’s Ministry

There is a saying that if you don’t know where your target is, you are sure to miss it. With this as a starting point, I began my quest…as the Children’s Pastor, what goals do I have for our kids? I have LOTS of goals for them….but finding the words and prioritizing them is a bigger job than I expected.

  • I want our children to develop a solid relationship with the Lord. This begins with asking Jesus Christ to forgive them of their sins and ask Him to be Lord over their lives. If our ministry accomplishes nothing else, somehow this will be enough.
  • Following their profession of faith, it is my desire to see every child baptized in water. This act of worship is foundational in securing the understanding that their experience with God is real and forever!
  • My next goal for out kids is to learn the awesomeness of God’s Word. I want them to passionately desire to read it every day. I want them to love it, memorize it, apply it and share it! If they catch this, maybe I don’t need to teach them anything else because His Word is the best teacher there is.
  • I also want our kids to rely on prayer. I want them to know that God ALWAYS answers sincere prayer. Prayer is how they talk to their Heavenly Father. He hears them then answers according to His great LOVE and WISDOM. I want them to develop the heart to intercede for the needs of others. But I want them to know that the most important element of prayer to thank the Lord for everything he continually provides,
  • Extravagant worship is such a wonderful way of demonstrating our love for the Lord. I want our kids to dance like David did! I want them to feel the presence of the Lord and express their gratitude with sincere worship to please Him.
  • I also desperately want our children to be empowered by the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. No other experience in the world can match the worth of this single, yet continuous experience.

Thank you for entrusting your children to me each Sunday morning.  It is my desire to partner with you in raising the next generation of Christians who are Powerful in Prayer, Baptized in the Holy Spirit, Radical in Worship, Mobilized in Service, Sacrificial in Giving, Active in Evangelism, Knowledgable in God’s word and Baptized in Water.

Blessings, Pastor Cathy Hageman