JBQ LogoJBQ stands for Junior Bible Quiz and it is a FUN way to learn amazing facts about the bible.  It uses the Bible Fact Pack which is a set of 576 questions about the bible.  The goal of the Bible Fact-Pak is to plant the Word of God deep in the heart of children, helping them grow close to God.

At LifeChurch, JBQ is sort of new to us.  We want to start small by letting kids learn the basics, then move towards developing a quizzing team.  It’s going to be so fun!  Starting in 2018, the first 10 minutes of LifeKids Children’s Church is JBQ Time!  We have answer posters up on the wall, they roll the dice to see what question they need to answer, then pick the correct answer from the answer poster.  We have fun little rewards to help the fun keep rolling.  Here is the first set of questions we’ve been working on.  We’ll keep this updated so your family can have some JBQ fun too!

JBQ Questions 1-10     JBQ Questions 11-20     JBQ Questions 161-170

JBQ is also a national quizzing organization!  To learn more, check out the following link:

National JBQ Website