LifeGroups – October 2017

Monthly Home Groups that Care-Connect-Reach People

Friday, October 2oth, 7pm to 9pm

Host Home: Joe & Sara Hess
6616 Wooden Shoe Drive, Liberty Twp, 45044

Contact Info:  Sara 513-646-8281, email:

Please RSVP if you plan to attend.  Thanks!

Rock-A-Thon 2017


Sunday October 8, 2017

 to Benefit

Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC)

and LifeKids Student Ministry Events

Contact Cathy Hageman to register for this event.

Welcome to our first annual Rock-a-Thon

This event will be fun!  I believe firmly that kids feel more mature when they take the initiative to earn some of the money needed for missions and fun events.  It is teaching them to be a responsible adult!  And for many families, this is a wonderful way to make it more possible for their kids to attend events that might otherwise be financially difficult.  And maybe, it will teach the kids to be generous?  For example, maybe they don’t need  to raise the money, but they choose to give more than 10% to BGMC or maybe towards the event of another student!

Money Raised will be handled as follows:

  • 10% Tithe to BGMC because God blesses our finances when we tithe!
  • Less expenses of event (lunch, etc). Should be minor.
  • Remainder goes to the “Family Invoice” that belongs to the student. The student MAY choose to gift some/all of their money to BGMC and/or another student.

Money in a Family Invoice may be used for any LifeChurch sponsored event such as the Royal Rangers/Girls Ministries Dues, Reach Conference, Kid’s Camp, High Tech Event, Girls’ Retreat, etc.

Before the event:

  • Families receive a packet, a pledge form and collection can.
  • Discuss how they will use the proceeds raised (i.e. what event, how much to BGMC, etc). This helps they when they are trying to collect pledges.
  • Students will begin to collect hourly pledges and/or one-time donations.
  • Any checks collected should be made payable to LifeChurch with a memo to Rock-a-thon.
  • Ideas for getting sponsors could be family, friends and LifeChurch members. You can go door-to-door in your neighborhood, call family members, set up an event in Facebook and/or send out emails.
  • Decide what comfortable clothes they want to wear the day of the event.
  • Decide what chair they want to bring.
  • Decide what other things they might want to bring such as pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, books, iPad, special lunch, drink, snack.
  • Decide if they want to bring small, lunch size cooler if they want something different to eat or drink.


The Day of the Event:

  • Parents will bring rocking chairs, pledge forms and collection cans (as well as other things you decided upon).
  • Staff and volunteers will arrange in the lobby as a display so that LifeChurch members have another opportunity to give.
  • Staff and volunteers will start the movie “No More Baths”
  • Directly after church (@ 1 PM) staff and volunteers will set up the chairs so kids can start rocking!
  • Staff and volunteers will mark the start time on each student’s pledge form.
  • Staff and volunteers will serve lunch directly to each student; they will eat in their rocking chairs.
  • Lunch will consist of cheese/pepperoni pizza, carrot sticks and lemonade/water.
  • Snacks and additional lemonade/water will be served at the child’s request. We will have popcorn, grapes and goldfish crackers.
  • Staff and volunteers will arrange tables around rocking chairs to allow them to play board games and cards with each other.
  • Students will have their pick of a large variety of books to read.
  • Students will also be able to take turns playing Wii sports.
  • Students will be allowed a 5-minute restroom break per hour, as needed and as requested.
  • When a child or their parent determines they need to be finished for the day, staff and volunteers will mark the stop time on each student’s pledge form.
  • The event will be officially over at 7 PM, giving a total opportunity window of 6 hours of rocking.

After the Event:

  • Students will collect the remaining pledges. Remember, any checks collected should be made payable to LifeChurch with a memo to Rock-a-thon.
  • Pledge Forms and collected monies must be turned in by October 24th
  • If your child would like an extra portion of their proceeds to go to BGMC and/or another student, please notify Pastor Cathy.

Staff will calculate, advertise and celebrate the amount going to BGMC as well as the as well as the amount of money being credited to each child’s Family Invoice.

Royal Ranger High Tech Event 2017

Cincinnati Area Royal Rangers
2017 High Tech Event

When: November 4, 2017
Where: Tri-County Assembly of God
Who: Ranger Kids, Discovery, Adventure and
Expedition Rangers, Parents and Leaders
Time: Registration 9:00 a.m.
Cost: $25.00
Pre-Payment/Registration Required by 10/1/17!
Theme: Solar Derby!
Powered by the Son!

At the 2017 Greater Cincinnati Area High Tech event, the Rangers will be learning about solar power. Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics (PV), indirectly using concentrated solar power, or a combination. Concentrated solar power systems use lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam. Photovoltaic cells convert light into an electric current using the photovoltaic effect.

During this event, we will be building a solar powered car using the Solar Speedy Car kit, and then racing our cars in the Solar Derby. We will use Ranger Derby car tracks to race the solar cars. Because this is an indoor event, we will be using the simulated solar power of a halogen spotlight/flashlight to power the cars.

After the initial time of instruction, the boys will be given the opportunity to assemble their Solar Speedy Car. After each boy has assembled their solar car, the Solar Derby competition will begin! Trophies will be awarded to the top finishers in the racing events. It is important that you and your boys carefully read the attached Fact Sheets.

We hope this will be a great time of fun and learning for your Royal Rangers and we look forward to seeing you there!

Hebree FamilyGuest Speaker: Pastor Jeremiah Hembree

Jeremiah has been involved in the Royal Ranger ministry for over 30 years. He has received the Gold Medal of Achievement, graduated the Ohio Junior Leadership Training Academy, is a Wilderness member of FCF, completed the Platinum level of training for organizational leaders, and has completed many other merits and awards. A graduate of Southwestern A/G University, Jeremiah served as youth pastor and lead pastor for the last 14 years throughout Ohio and now as a missionary with Royal Rangers International along with his wife Heather. Together, they have 2 incredible boys with an awesome passion for God; Scotty and Robbie.

The Hembree Crew are newly appointed global workers with Royal Rangers International. They have been called to help mobilize the church worldwide to mentor the next generation Jesus Christ. Their assignment will begin in Curacao with a vision to see this ministry, already in more than 90 nations, in all 220 nations and sovereign
territories of the world.

Event Details

LOCATION: Tri-County Assembly of God Fellowship Hall (lower rear of building), 7350 Dixie Highway, Fairfield, Ohio 45014 (513) 874-8575

9:00 a.m. Registration Begins
9:30 a.m. Opening and Devotion
10:00 a.m. Instructional Period Begins
11:00 a.m. Competition Begins
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Lunch Break
3:30 p.m. End of Event

COST: $25.00 per person to participate in the event (cost includes insurance, trophies and solar car kit. Each boy will be able to take their solar car home with them).

WHO: Ranger Kids, Discovery Rangers, Adventure Rangers, Expedition Rangers, Parents and Leaders – Ranger Kids and Discovery Rangers MUST be accompanied by an adult to assist with building the solar car kit.

PRIZES: Trophies awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place solar derby competition winners.

SNACK BAR: There will be NO Snack Bar available at this event. Instead, we will have a one hour lunch break. There are many fast food restaurants in the immediate area, i.e. Skyline, Burger King (across Route 4 from the church), Gold Star, Frisch’s, Arby’s and McDonald’s (north on Route 4).

*PRE-PAYMENT/ Due to the cost of the solar car kits, we are requiring each Outpost to register together.  Contact Scott Hageman to register with LifeChurch West Chester,  His phone number is 513-673-0585.

Solar Car Kit Details

Solar Speedy Car:
The Soar Speedy Car is a dual powered (solar/battery) racing car, perfect for a solar derby. How does it work? The Solar Panel generates power (instantaneously), which is then used to directly power a DC low voltage motor.
How long does it take to get setup? Each kit can be assembled within 15-30 minutes.
How fast do they go? The kits are designed to work under direct sunlight / party cloudy conditions or simulated sunlight using a halogen spotlight/flashlight. You will be happy with the speed of these solar car kits.

Solar Car Features:
 Maximum Speed over 3 M/S (Meters/Second)
 Can climb 30 degree uphill
 Easy to build and play
 Eco friendly
 Dual power
 Cool design
 1 AA battery
Solar Car Specifications:
 Length: 210mm
 Width: 80mm
 Height: 68mm
 Power: Solar/battery
Items YOU Need to Bring with YOU (will NOT be supplied at the event):
 A halogen spotlight/flashlight. I’ve tried using both LED and incandescent flashlights and neither were able to power the solar car. The halogen spotlight worked the best.

Healing Room Member Training


Is providing Healing Room Team Member Training

When:  Friday, October 27th:  7:00pm – 9:45pm  &  Saturday,  October 28th: 9:00am – 4:00pm, 2017
Where: Life Church, 8480 Cincinnati-Columbus Rd. (St. Rt. 42), West Chester, OH 45069

Want to learn all about Jesus Healing Power, Yesterday, Today  and Forever;
 or Want to learn how to become a Healing Room Team Member

——>This Training is for You<——

The Training will be done by Cal Pierce on a series of  6 DVD’s. Cal is the Director of the “International Association of Healing Rooms” (IAHR) and the person that God used to rebirth the John G. Lake Healing Rooms in Spokane, Washington in 1999. Cal’s testimony is amazing and his teaching is insightful and sprinkled with humor and many specific examples.

Come and be blessed by an Apostolic Word on Divine Healing & Divine Health for today! “The Healing Word”, “”The Anointing that Empowers the Word”, “Roadblocks to Healing”, “Healing in the Atonement” and “Our Authority” are all  topics that are covered as part of this training.

Healing Rooms throughout Ohio are part of a Christ-Centered Healing Ministry where the sick and infirmed can come to receive healing prayer. In Mark 16:18, Jesus said: “In My Name they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover”.

This training is for those who desire to be used by the Lord in praying for the sick.  Our mission is to see the ‘Saints’ doing the work of this ministry. We are affiliated with the IAHR-Spokane, WA.

To register or with questions about this Training Session, call Bob or Carla Fritz (513-868-9687)  or email us at

There is a charge of $25 for the training which includes;
1) a manual (“How to Minister to Specific Diseases”) from IAHR,
2) an ‘Equipping School’ Manual to use in the ministry, and
3) a  personalized IAHR “Certificate of Completion”




Women’s Ministry October 2017

This month’s Women’s Ministry meeting will take place on October 5th at 7 PM.

It will be at Magie Lannum’s home: 6251 Holloway Drive, Liberty Townsip, 45044

Contact Magie Lannum or Val Allen for details.

Trunk or Treat 2017

Community Trunk or Treat

Date: Sunday, October 29, 2017
Time: 5:00 p.m. till 7:00 p.m.
Location: LifeChurch West Chester
Sponsors: Members and Friends of LifeChurch West Chester

EXCITING EVENT!! Make plans for you and your family to attend, invite others, and participate in this community outreach! You will have great time as our church lights up the darkness on Halloween with Trunk or Treat. The Families of LifeChurch will participate by creating a Bible Theme for their trunk where they will give away lots of candy to church and community children who attend.

We are very excited to announce that Big Blast Ministries will perform in the children’s Chapel every 30 minutes. Big Blast Ministries is led by Pastors Steve & Janet Raeburn and their family – David, Adam and Kathryn.  Pastor Steve and Pastor Janet are both full time children’s and family evangelists – who use balloons, music, Bible stories, puppets, art, scripture memorization, games and a whole lot of fun to teach people (of ALL ages) about Jesus Christ.

There will also be a bouncy house for kids, free popcorn, hot dogs, marshmallow roast, give-a-ways and lots of candy.

Everyone is welcome! Make plans to attend and bring friend!

Reach Conference 2017

We are SO excited about this years two-in-one REACH Conference

November 10th – 11th

The event will take place at the Columbus Convention Center.  Friday evening, we will stay at  Drury Inn & Suites on Nationwide Blvd.

The cost is $135 if we receive a deposit of $60 by October 1st (cost goes up afterwards).

There are two age groups going this year.   We will ride up and have some meals together.  Our hotel rooms are next door to each other.  Friday evening we will be together, but for much of Saturday, we will separate by age group.

Grades 7-12th will attend with Eric and Vickie Hickman.  Detais: Youth Reach Details

Grades 3-6th will attend with Cathy and Scott Hageman.  Details: Kids Reach Details

Hoping YOUR student attends!!!