At LifeChurch prayer is the priority of our fellowship.  We realize intercession sets a fertile atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to do His work of healing and deliverance in both the seeker and the believer alike.  Prayer helps produce a heightened level of praise, worship, conviction from the Holy Spirit in our Worship Services and in the lives of all who serve in this important ministry. We encourage people to not only focus on what they are praying for, but on the One they are praying too. Barbara believes the blessings we are experiencing at LifeChurch is a result of God’s people crying out and seeking the face of God.

If we call upon the Lord in prayer, He has promised in His word to answer.  If we intercede for the lost, He has promised to bring the unsaved to Himself.  If we seek Him with all our heart He has promised that we will experience Him and will pour out His Spirit among us. If we pray for one another, He has promised to heal us.  If we humble ourselves and pray for our nation, He has promised to heal our land.  If we do these things unto the Lord, He has promised to reward us openly.

The Lord is responding to our prayers. He is moving among us to change hearts, save souls, heal the sick, and birth new churches and ministries to reach the hurting around us. To a send prayer requests, or get more information about the prayer ministry please send your email message

Saturday Prayer Meeting – 12pm -2pm:  Every Saturday in the Main Sanctuary we meeting for prayer and intercession.  This is also called our LifeChurch School of the Prophets because of the powerful prophetic prayers, declarations, words, and decrees for our families, church, region, nations and the nations of the world.

Tuesday Night Prayer & Worship Meeting – 7:00 p.m.: Tuesday night prayer is without doubt the most important ministry of the church. It is our means of touching the heart of God and inviting Him to move among us. As we have participated in prayer, we have experienced the privilege of partnering with God as He works His will in the lives of people to change, save, heal and set free. We truly believe that our weekly corporate prayer meetings on Tuesday nights has been a powerful tool in the hand of God to accomplish the awesome things we are continuing to experience at LifeChurch on a daily basis.

Alter Prayer Ministry: We are continuing to train and develop the members of LifeChurch to become involved in the Alter Prayer Ministry of LifeChurch on a scheduled basis.

Sanctuary Prayer: For your enjoyment and edification, our Sanctuary at LifeChurch is open from 9:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m.,slide_welcome_randy Monday through Thursday, and from noon to 2pm on Saturday.  The leadership of LifeChurch desires to create a “House of Prayer” unto the Lord continually.  The Sanctuary is an awesome place for our members, attendees and community to come spend time in prayer.   The Sanctuary is a very special place for you to get away and give yourself to God without distractions or interruptions.  Everyone is welcome.