slide_welcome_randyOur purpose is to create a habitation of God among us through the daily devotion of God’s people to prayer, worship, Bible reading, and times of and pray fasting.

Our devotion of daily prayer and worship demonstrates our love for God and our longing and desire for His manifest Presence to dwell among us.

Our strength is the abiding, manifest Presence of the Holy Spirit among us. We believe as God’s people humble themselves to pray the Holy Spirit will embolden, empower and guide us to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the unreached, take Christ’s healing power to the sick and hurting, and unify us to accomplish the Great Commission with great compassion in every neighborhood, village and nation.

Our house of prayer will follow these 10 simple but reverent guidelines to create serenity and order throughout the day as God’s people flow in and out of the Sanctuary to minister to the Lord.

1. Enter the Sanctuary reverently and find a seat, or a place to sit, kneel or stretch out on the floor.

2. Greet others who are already praying, if and when you choose to do so in a loving, quick, quiet and reverent way.

3. Begin your time of personal prayer, meditation, worship and Bible reading.

4. Prayer and intercession can be a very deep emotional experience. Compassion is to be demonstrated by all gathered if

and when someone in prayer experiences an encounter with God and expresses tears, crying, and stronger than usual verbal prayer. Please do not interrupt them. Allow them to finish and then they can request a group prayer circle if necessary. Any vision, or dream, and gifts of the Spirit such as prophecy, tongue, interpretation, should be written down and given to a Shift Leader or Pastoral Staff member serving the Sanctuary and people at that time.

5. Group prayer circles of two or three people can form spontaneously whenever anyone asks another for prayer.

6. Worship music will be mostly instrumental. Live (unplugged) vocal & acoustic sets can be scheduled with pastoral staff.

7. Worship banners and flags can be used spontaneously, reverently but courteously because of others gathered to pray.

8. Certain public announcements or prayer requests can be made, however they should be written down and given to a

Shift Leader or Pastoral Staff member serving at the time, who will reverently and quickly share the need, then

gather a group prayer circle, or lead a corporate prayer time on behalf of the prayer request.

9. Leave the Sanctuary reverently when you are finished with prayer session taking all belongs and disposables with you.

10.  The Main Lobby can be used for greeting and fellowship, but please do so quietly and respectfully for those still in prayer.

Our daily ministry of prayer begins at 8:00 a.m.  Monday through Thursday. All are welcome to start at that time, or anytime throughout the day.

Our daily schedule at LifeChurch “West Chester House of Prayer” is as follows.

*Monday through Thursday: 9am to 4pm

*Frdiay: Closed

*Saturday: Noon to 2pm

*Sunday: 9:30am to 10:45am

Our LifeChurch West Chester worship times:

*Sunday Morning Worship Celebration: 10:30 a.m. in the Main Sanctuary

*Sunday Youth Worship Gathering: 10:30 a.m. in the Youth Chapel

*Tuesday Family Night & Breakthrough Worship Gathering: 7:00 p.m. in the Main Sanctuary

Our Staff: Pastor Randy Rice

Shift Leaders assist Pastor Randy in the service of the Sanctuary & people during open hours