At LifeChurch worship is a lifestyle and our Sunday morning service is a catalyst for the whole week.  Our worship team at LifeChurch have been greatly used by God to lead the members of our church into incredible times of spiritual refreshing and empowerment from the Holy Spirit. The most important role of our worship team members at LifeChurch is to be worshippers themselves. Jeff Turner and John Teller have helped each
Jeff-Turnermember of our worship team develop both their love for God, and excellence in ministry as musicians and singers.  They have continued to encourage our church to worship God in spirit and truth, and create a habitation for God’s presence among us through worship. The Lord Jesus has honored our love for God by doing many wonderful things in our times of worship. Healings, salvations, encouragement for the broken, and empowerment for the weak during worship times are an ongoing result of the Holy Spirit’s presence in our worship ministry.

The mission of our worship leaders is to mentor and develop talented musicians who have a passion to worship God and help make their ministry the be it can be for God’s glory.  Our leaders are helping people enjoy inspirational worship, develop their talents as musicians, become worshipers, and encouraging the entire congregation to worship God in songs that please the Lord.  This is what our worship leaders and the entire worship team enjoy most.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to develop worship team leaders and participants, raise them up and send them into the mission fields both here and abroad, supplying new churches with functional worship teams.

Worship Experience Teams Include:

  • Instrumental Music
  • Vocal Music
  • Dance
  • Lighting
  • Sound Production
  • Media Production

To contact our worship leader please send your email message to Jeff Turner at