My wife Kimberly and I welcome you to our pastor’s page. We believe that everyone has a God-given purpose. We believe it is our purpose inRandy and Kim Winter 2015 life to help you, and the ones you love discover yours. All the pastoral staff at LifeChurch desire to encourage people in this way. We believe in you. We also believe that you are a vital part of God’s plan and purpose in the world today. It is our plan to help you become all God intended you to be when He created you. Let me assure you, it is never too late to start this journey of discovery. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Your first step of the journey to God’s plan for your life could be to discover more about who we are at LifeChurch.  If you would like to contact me and share your thoughts, send your email to

Kim and I have been in ministry together for over 32 years.  We are blessed to have seen our son Steven and our daughter Chelsea grow up into the beautiful people they are and to love the Lord with all their heart. We love the Lord, His Church, His mission and each other.  I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful family!  – Pastor Randy