"Restoring What The Enemy Has Stolen"

The “Mind” is where many of our spiritual, relational, emotional, physical and even financial battles are won or lost.  If we can be defeated inwardly, in our mind, Satan will have a strategic advantage over us. However, if we can learn to renew our mind as the Word of God instructs us, we, in turn gain the advantage. This is vital information for those who are serious about maintaining a genuine and vibrant relationship with God.
What Adam and Eve lost in the Garden of Eden when they fell into temptation and sin, God has restored through His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. The fact is the enemy stole from them their spiritual relationship with God, their relational bliss with each other, their emotional peace and contentment and the financial and economic security they enjoyed in the Garden. The enemy stole nearly everything God lovingly designed for mankind. It is God’s desire and plan to restore all that the enemy has stolen for those who live for His Son.

In my new sermon series, “Renewing Your Mind” – Overcoming Toxic Thoughts and Tendencies, we are going to learn to fortify our mind against the subtle and sometimes ferocious attacks of the enemy.  By renewing the mind we gain a strategic advantage in the ultimate struggle to experience the consistent victory God created for us. The fact is all the promises and blessings of God that the enemy stole from Adam and Eve in the fall are restored to believers who learn to renew the spirit of their mind. 

This Sunday, join me and the saints of God as we prepare our lives for greater victory by learning to renew our minds according to the Word of God.

God Bless You!
Pastor Randy