You Are Invited!

This Palm Sunday, April 2, LifeChurch will celebrate the beginning of Holy Week! The fun begins at 10:30 when each pastor will share a message on the importance of Palm Sunday and Holy Week; Jesus's final week on earth before he was crucified.  Everyone will share in an indoor Family Picnic.

In addition, children will enjoy an egg hunt and our youth will have fund with their own Scavenger style egg hunt. There will separate areas for preschool and elementary aged children, but the eggs disappear fast so don’t be late! We will also have a large bounce house obstacle course and a separate pre-school bounce house for our little ones.

Everyone from the youngest to oldest will get candy and/or prizes.  We invite you to be blessed at LifeChurch West Chester this Easter Season.

LifeChurch Member Section

We ask that our church members please bring a side or dessert to share with our community. We also need CANDY that won't melt easily, are individually packaged and will fit in a plastic Easter egg. Suggestions are:  Caramels, Gummies, (bears, worms, fish, cola bottles, banana strawberry rings), Harbio Fraise Tagada, Candy buttons, Jolly Ranchers, Life Savers, Rock Candy, Sweethearts, PEZ, Red Licorice, Sours (Warheads, Sour Patch Kids, Sour Punch, Toxic Waste).