Do you feel like God is so far away from you and no matter how many times you go to church or try to pray, you still never feel His presence?

Do you feel like your prayer life is lacking and hopeless and every time you try to pray you just get distracted?

Have you been struggling to hear from God and just want to know what to do with your life?

Speaking in tongues will end these feelings inside of you and release you into the fulness of God's presence. The Bible says that when you speak in tongues, it is literally God himself filling your mouth and speaking through you. You can't get any closer to God than that! This gift will give you the supernatural ability to pray without ceasing as the Bible instructs us to do. You can literally be driving in your car, sitting at work or scrolling through Facebook and be praying in tongues. You can trust that the words you are saying are directly from the Holy Spirit and is perfect in every way. Speaking in tongues will also open up your spirit to be able to think the thoughts of God, see into the future (like a prophet would) and develop divine solutions to the problems in your life.

I am launching a 2-week course on speaking in tongues & interpretation. During these 2 weeks I will be teaching, training, equipping and answering any personal questions that you may have.  I believe that by the end of the first session, most of you will have received this amazing gift. God is just dying to give it to you (in fact he did die to give it to you!) By the end of these 2 weeks, you will have a greater understanding of this spiritual language than most religious leaders do. I promise that this will change your life if you would let God do it!
Pastor Curtis will be teaching a class on Speaking in Tongues

If this is something you would like to take part in, please express your interest and we will contact you with next steps!