"God healed me of 8 years of infertility"

- Maria

"I had back and leg pain for 30 years and God healed me."

- Tim

"God healed the arthritis in my hand that I had for 4 years"

- Kim

"We prayed for a house and God miraculously provided for a down payment."

- Jonh

"God saved my son Joey from addiction and homelessness."

- Sandy

"I was delivered by God from demonic oppression, addiction and depression."

- Curtis

"I had pain in my groin for a month. I was prayed for and the pain left."


True story

The doctors had given her no hope. Her body was showing the signs of harsh radiation treatments for stage four cancer. With four small children, Jennifer was desperate for a miracle from God. She hadn’t gone to church much since becoming a wife and mother, but she remembered as a little girl how her pastor and the church she attended prayed for the sick and the healing miracles that took place. As hope filled her heart for her own healing, she knew she had to find the pastor of the church where she went as a little girl.

Jennifer soon found herself at LifeChurch West Chester in one of the prayer rooms tearfully explaining her condition to the pastor and a few members of the prayer team. As the room began to fill with prayer and the presence of God, a miracle happened. It wasn’t until weeks later, after a trip overseas and her return to the doctor that she discovered she was completely healed. The God of miracles answered her prayer. Jennifer is still cancer free 10 years later.

What Americans believe about miracles

Did you know that eighty percent of Americans today believe in miracles? That’s eight out of ten people you see every day who sincerely believe miracles still happen. This statistic doesn’t surprise me, because God created every human being with a God-shaped void inside their soul that only He can fill and satisfy. It confirms to me the vast human need and deep longing to know God personally. The question is, how can so many people who believe in miracles get to know and personally experience the God of miracles in a real and authentic way?  The answer is found in word of God itself, the Bible.

What is a miracle?

A miracle can be described as an extremely remarkable or extraordinary event, thing or occurrence that can only be explained by God’s divine intervention and activity. Many skeptics pass off the news of a miracle as coincidence. Others, explain miracles away as some strange phenomena or unnatural occurrence. But reality is, many people at LifeChurch and around the world are experiencing specific answers from God, healings, and miracles that can only be explained by the nearness of the God of miracles dwelling in our midst.

Do you believe in miracles?

When Jesus began His ministry, He preached the good news of God’s love and forgiveness from sin. He healed the sick and did many miracles among the people. After His crucifixion and resurrection from the dead, He poured out His Holy Spirit upon His disciples empowering them to preach the gospel, heal the sick, advance the kingdom of God and build His church in every nation just like He would do. If this were not exciting enough, He promised, “I will dwell in them and walk among them. I will be their God, and they shall be My people.” 2 Corinthians 6:16.  This is the connection point between those who believe in miracles and the God of miracles!

God dwells among His people in manifest glory and power for all to see and experience.  As a pastor of forty years in the Greater Cincinnati area, it has been my life endeavor to lead people who, when they gather in worship, experience God. This is not just for themselves, but also for the newcomer and the community to experience in real and tangible ways.  At LifeChurch we are not only experiencing the life-changing presence of God dwelling among us, we are seeing His healing power and miracles demonstrated faithfully.

God of miracles

Ask yourself, do you believe in miracles? Do you or someone you love need a miracle? For many years my staff of pastors and I have cultivated what we are now experiencing- an immersive Sunday worship experience that fills the heart and the room with the palpable presence of God. I have always believed that God longs for His people to gather in unifying worship, inviting Him to transform broken lives into living miracles of His grace and power.

This is why I want to personally invite you, your family and friends to the next Sunday worship gathering at LifeChurch West Chester where we are genuinely experiencing the God of miracles and His mighty presence among us. We simply gather with the belief that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8 He is faithfully answering prayers, healing the hurting, and doing miracles, signs and wonders among us. 
Randy Rice
 Lead Pastor of LifeChurch West Chester

"I surrendered my life to Jesus and through a series of spiritual experiences I was completely healed of sexual trauma."

- Abby

"After years of pain, Jesus healed both my rotator cuffs in one night."

- Homer

"I was praying in the spirit at home and was immediately delivered from a demonic spirit of pornography."

- Anonymous

"God delivered me from depression and suicidal thoughts in a single moment, and I have never been the same."

- Tara

"I was slain in the spirit and my knee pain of two years was healed immediately."

- Scott

Tell your testimony

We want to hear how the Lord has impacted you and your loved ones since attending LifeChurch. Please tell your testimony of miracles, healing, deliverance, financial blessing, relationship mended, answered prayer, experiencing the Lord's presence or other ways the Lord has touched you. It should be something that would have been impossible without God’s supernatural intervention.