Inner Healing Ministries

Are you interested in setting up an inner healing session to receive facilitated prayer? This will open your heart to receive healing in your soul from the Holy Spirit, and get to the root of issues that are hindering your connection with God. If you need healing from grief, trauma, fear, anxiety, depression, spiritual attack, or harmful habits, then we would love to help you receive breakthrough through the prayerful guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Please scroll down to read the FAQs for more details; then fill out your information and we will reach out to you to set up an appointment.


What is inner healing?
Inner healing is designed to help you discover and address wounds, grief, false beliefs, and sin cycles, through deep communion with the Holy Spirit. If you have unresolved trauma, difficult relationships, negative or imposing thoughts, or any feeling of distance from God, inner healing can help you address the root issues hindering your connection with God.

What does an inner healing session look like?
There will be 2-3 of our trained ministers in the room with you, praying for you and guiding you through a process of connecting with God.  As the Holy Spirit leads, you’ll be invited to ask Him questions about lies you’re believing, wounds that need healing, people to forgive, relational or generational ties, or sins to renounce. You’ll receive revelation about God’s love and His truth about your areas of pain.

What might be addressed in an inner healing session?
There are dozens of areas in which anyone might need inner healing, but some common examples of issues the Holy Spirit addresses are: grief/loss, trauma, unforgiveness, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, spiritual attack, involvement in the occult, harmful habits, addiction, rejection, control, and disconnection from God.

Is this the same as a deliverance ministry?
Yes, inner healing is a deliverance ministry. But we believe deliverance should be gentle, and can't be separated from God healing wounds, lies, and traumatic memories. Once these root issues are dealt with, the enemy's access point to you is closed! Deliverance is a natural byproduct of this healing process.

Is this the same as counseling?
Inner healing is NOT counseling, and is not a substitute for needed psychiatric or medical care. The Holy Spirit leads each session and brings the revelation; the prayer team is not there to counsel you, but to guide you to meet with Jesus in your areas of struggle.

Are my sessions confidential?
Absolutely. Everything revealed or discussed in your inner healing session is completely confidential, and will never be discussed with you or anyone else outside of your session.

Can I record my session?
Yes, you are welcome to record your session. One of your prayer team members will also act as a “scribe” to take notes of the main points of encounter between you and Holy Spirit. You will then be given the notes to take home with you.

Does it cost money?
We have found that, as with most things, people benefit the most when they put forth some personal investment in their own breakthrough. The highly suggested donation is a way that you can exercise your faith for breakthrough and sow a seed into your own blessing. It also keeps the ministry thriving and growing, and allows us to bless our prayer teams. If the suggested donation places an unreasonable burden on your finances, please contact one of our team leaders. We also provide free group sessions regularly. Please see the church Events page for our next group session dates.

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Are you interested in joining The Inner Healing Team?

We are looking for volunteers who feel called to the inner healing ministry. We will be conducting training and equipping you with tools for inner healing. For more information, contact us.