LifeChurch has many devotionals and books to encourage you in your faith. Many are available for purchase online and also available to purchase at our Info Center
A Better Way: God Bless the Children by Lori Cejka
In a world of uncertainty, where how we live day to day is consistently in flux, a voice is crying  out, "There is a better way!" Children need to read something positive that is rooted in truth. Parents desire to provide a firm foundation of stability. This book is for children to know there is a better way to live. Positive Guide to motivate and inspire from the youngest of ages on up.
Millennial Mandate: Prophetic Instructions to a Double Portion Generation by Curtis Hill
Generation X and Baby Boomers can't carry the church forever. At some point, it will be up to us Millennials to receive the mantles of leadership that the Lord is preparing us for—but first we must address a few things.
Unchangeable, Unbreakable, Unstoppable Joy: Living a Life of Triumph and Joy by Randy Rice
The enemy knows if he can steal your joy he can steal your strength to walk in faith and victory. Are you in a battle right now? Are you facing a Goliath in front of you? This book will teach you how to overcome every trial of life in the power of Christ’s unstoppable joy. Don’t just learn to survive, learn to thrive in Christ by living a life of triumph through the power of His deep, abiding joy in you!
Come on a 21-day devotional journey into the revelation of celebration! This daily devotional book Celebrate: Victory in Jesus is Worth Celbrating! will strengthen and encourage you to celebrate all that Jesus has promised, even before you see the fruit of those promises fulfilled. Co-authored by Pastor Randy Rice and Curtis Hill, with contributions from several other pastors within the LifeChurch Network, this Christian devotional will help you lift your eyes to heaven and praise God for the amazing plans He has in store for 2021
Written with the inspiration of the Father's heart, You Shall Find Rest helps guide you day by day into a place of soul-rest and supernatural fruitfulness with Christ. Co-authored by Curtis Hill and Randy Rice, this devotional will give you fresh insight into why you were not created to carry life's burdens, but rather to carry Christ's glory. You will learn how you can partner with the Holy Spirit to abide in the Father's supernatural rest and fruitfulness.